Our Team

Dogs In HD: Our Team. Simone Burani, Karyna Zaslavska, Mailo.

Simone Burani is a dog behaviourist and a self-publishing author. His first book is “Before You Get a Dog”.

He first entered the dog’s world in June 2008 when, shortly after moving to London, he decided to get a dog out of an impulsive decision and, because of this reason, he didn’t have the best start as a dog owner.

However, it hadn’t become an excuse for inaction and in order to improve his life and the relationship with his young dog, he started learning as much as possible about dogs and applied the information acquired on himself and the dog with outstanding results.

From this point forward, he has discovered a new talent in his approach towards dogs and turned into a professional dog carer while acquiring qualifications and diplomas in “Canine Studies” and “Canine Behaviour & Psychology”.

During his life in the UK, he has also offered consultations to people who wanted to improve the situation with their pets and understand them better, on the side of offering dog care services.

In 2017, he published his first book which was a result of a collaboration with his wife Karyna Zaslavska, who helped as an illustrator, graphic designer, photographer and editor.

In 2018, Simone and Karyna launched their website “Dogs in HD” where they share curiosities, Simone’s knowledge about dogs and the concept of a simple but consistent approach towards dogs.

Karyna Zaslavska is a writing contributor to this website, bringing her unique perspective and interest in psychology and well-being into the field of dogs and life around them.

She holds a BA (Hons) in Fine Arts, she graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design (London, UK) in 2014. Her first field of study was psychology (Kyiv, Ukraine).

Her first dog, a Pit Bull type boy, arrived into her life at the young age of six. Her father decided to adopt the little boy and bring him home because his owners could not keep the puppy. They discovered that their child had developed a severe pet allergy. On the other hand, Karyna and her four-pawed friend were destined to share many happy years together.

Karyna is interested in analyzing and reflecting on how dogs influence our life and have a potential to help us become better people.