Many people spend an entire pet’s lifetime having a dog out of control. The relationship between an owner and a dog becomes more of a job rather than an enjoyable moment the owner was dreaming about.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Knowledge of canine needs and correct actions around the dog can drastically improve your pet’s behaviour for the better, but that can only happen if the owner commits to a challenge of becoming an outstanding guide for your dog.

Is it a complicated task? No, it is pretty much simple, but it requires commitment and time. People usually get discouraged about dog training because success doesn’t happen overnight. Many owners spend years unconsciously and unintentionally teaching bad habits to their pets, but expect a perfect dog overnight.

‘Before You Get A Dog’ does not promise you a dog out of a movie within a couple of days. Instead, it offers a realistic approach that, if applied consistently, can bring harmony into your relationship with a dog and make you stand out from a crowd of confused dog owners.

There are no stupid dogs, but only a lack of communication between an owner and a pet.

Simone Burani is a certified dog behaviourist and pet care specialist. His mission is to help people who want to become better dog owners.

You can find the book here.