At DogsInHoomanDefinition, we believe in simplicity and consistency regarding our approach towards dogs.

There is an incredible amount of information and curiosities surrounding the topic of dogs that is in constant evolution.

Still, the core of a well-adjusted dog concept consists of six points:

  • A calm and positive but, at the same time, firm approach.
  • A number of simple rules.
  • Simple expectations from the dog.
  • Basic training.
  • Respect for the dog’s animal nature and needs.
  • The consistency of all the above.

A constant application and recollection of the six points can allow anyone to have an enjoyable time with their dog.

Our website includes additional information that can be very useful for understanding and refining the relationship between an owner and a dog as well as curiosities regarding dogs and living with them.

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We would like to remind our readers that each individual dog has a unique character and all the tips provided are a simple generalisation of an average dog’s behaviour with an informative purpose. It is therefore important to tailor the information provided according to the individual situation and, even better, consult a professional before undertaking actions that may result in problems.