The Lazy Owner: Don’t Join The Club!

When life becomes too easy, secure and automatised, many people inevitably become lazy.

One of the biggest diseases of developed countries is obesity. This condition, in my opinion, is caused by too much comfort and too many digital distractions that make people sedentary. I am no exception to that, and I often catch myself in my lazy habits. I am not obese, but the ring of loveliness that is starting to form around my waste reminds me to get off my butt and move more before it’s too late.

I find it bizarre that many experts today advise people to walk, and as one of my favourite writers once wrote: “Experts remind people to walk, like if it is a sort of breakthrough technology”.

Yes, for some people walking is a form of exercise, I have seen them with my own eyes. People dressed up in fancy sports gear to walk around the jogging track while chatting with each other. I appreciate these people’s effort, but their fancy jogging gear makes me giggle as if you need that to go for a walk. Anyway, you can’t call these people lazy, at least they have had the initiative to take some sort of action.

If you like walking, a dog will make sure you walk a lot. You must take a dog out at least twice every day, or at least you are supposed too. Unfortunately, some dog owners manage to neglect even this responsibility, causing problems for themselves and their dog. Many behavioural issues in dogs are a result of unspent energy combined with lack of rules and corrections.

Laziness, in its physical aspect, causes excessive weight to both the owner and the dog, leading to the same heart and joint problems and diabetes that come with obesity.

In this article, I want to illustrate examples of lazy owners “walking” their dogs that I recommend you NOT to follow.

No walks for the dog.

This is a classic for some people, at least where I live. Many people think that a dog is happy outside in the garden and, just because the dog can roam freely in the garden, there is no need for him to go for a walk.

Sure, the dog will not have a problem regarding toilet needs, as at any time he can have a relief, but dogs need to explore and have some mental stimulation or else they get depressed and frustrated.

You can have a huge garden, but your dog will get bored there. As a result, he may find a way to entertain himself that you won’t like… Imagine living in a posh mansion without anything to do and no social interaction; it gets really, really monotonous. All that luxury quickly becomes a golden cage where you risk to grow fat and depressed. So don’t do it to your dog!

Letting your dog out alone to roam free around the neighbourhood.

Maybe this does not happen where you live, but I have heard of and know people that have done that.

It goes without saying, that the dog wandering free risks to get run over and killed. As an owner, you are legally responsible for her and if someone gets hurt or your dog causes damages to the third party, you are in serious trouble.

Consider also the possibility of someone stealing your dog or worst, someone doing horrible things to her, as serial killers usually start with animal torture.

Another thing about your dog roaming alone is that you won’t be able to pick up after her and you clean after your dog, don’t you?

The quick walk around the block.

Unless your dog is so old that he smells like the breath of death, a walk around the block is not a walk, it’s merely a relief.

Such a short walk won’t give your dog the much needed mental stimulation and exercise. The dog will get depressed and frustrated, similarly to the one locked in the garden. You can do better!

And finally, the premier award for the lazy dog owner goes to “the driver”!

“The driver” doesn’t walk the dog, he or she drives around the dog while she is roaming around.
You find “drivers” in desolate areas where you can drive. At their arrival, you will be presented with a situation that can look as if the owner is abandoning the dog. The car arrives. The slobby driver gets out (often smoking a cigarette), lets the dog out of the car before jumping back in and starts following the dog by car. At the end of “the walk”, he or she grabs the dog, puts her back in the car and goes home.

The Lazy Dog Owner: Don't Join The Club! Dogs in HDWell, at least they “walk their dog”, even if they risk to run her over. And I thought I was lazy…

What do you think? Have you met people even lazier than who I have just described? Feel free to leave a comment below!

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