20 Dog-Friendly Plants For Your Home And Garden

Have you ever wanted to live in a luscious leafy jungle, so your eyes could leisurely wander around soaking in all the beauty? I had tried and failed several times before my thumb finally turned green. Now my family calls me nothing less but a ‘plant guru.’ I am deeply honored to carry this hefty title and perform paramedic duties to my relative’s fading flora whenever I’m around. (Last time I’ve visited my grandma her ficus tipped its hat to me. If you don’t like wearing soggy shoes, never assume your green buddy enjoys overwatered soil!)

Jokes aside, have you ever wondered what plants are toxic for dogs? Our young family dog Hani (ginger AmStaff you can see above) turned out to be a dedicated plant-hater. No flower can escape her fury. No leaf stays unchewed. Every now and then she finds a moment to strike. Maybe she is showing appreciation?

Hani’s behavior made me think of plants in a completely different way. She does not only rips leaves or flowers off; she eats them. I had to make sure her kibblebasket (aka stomach) is safe, so I did my research.

Here comes our list of personally kept dog-friendly plants that you can get today, worry free.

Just keep in mind that dogs should not be munching large amounts of any plant.

20 Dog-Safe Plants For Home And Garden

1. Phalaenopsis Orchid

This one steals the #1 spot because it is my favorite. My orchids are continually growing and reblooming. They don’t demand impossible, but they do pay back with stunning beauty. By the way, phalaenopsis flowers are edible.

DogsInHD: 20 dog-friendly plants for your home and garden

This yellow Phalaenopsis is about to bloom again.

2. Spider Plant

I love it just for the name. It is lively and decorative. Spider plants are easy to care for, grow well in low-light conditions (tested) and come in a few different varieties. What not to love!

3. Calathea

This marvelous plant lives by a natural rhythm. Calathea closes its leaves at night and opens up in the morning. It prefers indirect light and grows well in low-light conditions. You won’t have much trouble caring for it.

DogsInHD: 20 dog-friendly plants for your home and garden

Latest addition to our green collection.

4. Bromeliads

Do you like colors? Maybe your eyes are craving for some yellow, pink or orange? Then bromeliads are for you, and they are dog safe too. You can find them just about anywhere these days. Caring for them isn’t hard. Once the long-lasting bloom is over, you will notice babies appearing, so the cycle can continue.

5. Hibiscus

This one is a beautiful flower that brings a tropical twist to any home! They need light and warmth to thrive. Provide them with moderate heat and a few hours of direct sunlight for continuous blooming. (This plant is Hani’s favorite victim!)

6. Lucky Bamboo

This plant is believed to bring luck and prosperity! It can sit in a container with water and pebbles or be planted in soil if you prefer. As with many plants, water is a balancing act with your bamboo.

7. Sunflower

The name speaks for itself. These cheerful flowers love plenty of sunlight and can make any room or garden brighter. We like to grow our sunflowers from seeds on the balcony. Italian summer is more than perfect for them to grow fast.

8. Holiday Cactuses

I love that they flower at an opposite time as most other plants. They add so much cheer and color into your house during the cold season. Do not overwater them. They thrive on neglect most of the year.

9. Palms

There are many various types of true palms. They make excellent indoor plants that are safe for dogs. They are quite easy to grow and don’t require much light. Avoid sago palm if you have a dog. Despite its name, sago is not a true palm but a cycad and is toxic.

10. Echeveria Setosa (Mexican Firecracker)

This fluffy succulent is an excellent addition to any home. Just like any succulent, it does not want too much water. This evergreen plant prefers plenty of sunshine.

11. Echinopsis Multiplex (Easter Lily Cactus)

We have an entire family of this variety in our garden in Italy. Every summer we get stunned by its magnificent bloom. It only lasts for limited hours, so it a truly spectacular view to catch.

12. Venus Fly Trap

This plant is so much fun to have! Venus Fly Trap prefers to stay humid and only likes pure water, so no tap water, please. Keep it in the moderate sunlight of your window. Avoid fooling around with your trap, provoking it to snap at your finger. Too much triggering will eventually kill the flytrap.

13. Peperomia Varieties

These beauties come in many different sizes and color variations. Many of them are trailing plants that look great in hanging baskets or spilling over the edge of a high shelf.

14. African Violet

This plant is a very popular choice in my native Ukraine. Violet flowers are remarkably pretty and can decorate any room. Once you’ve learned how to care for them properly, violets will continually spoil you with their delicate bloom.

15. Air Plants (Tillandsia Varieties)

Air plants are growing more popular. They are actually fun to care for! You can combine them in many ways to have an extraordinary display. I love seeing air plants on driftwood, rocks or inside seashells. It is a highly decorative choice.

16. Roses

This elegant, romantic flower can do well indoors and in the garden. Luckily, it is also safe for dogs to investigate. Enjoy your garden bloom!

17. Lemon Balm

The lemon balm plant is a member of the mint family and is a perennial herb. It grows as a bushy, leafy herb with a pleasant lemon smell and small white flowers. It is a great medicinal herb, a natural remedy. If you want to grow it in your garden, keep it under control, because it can become invasive.

18. Blue Echeveria

This beautiful succulent is an excellent addition to your collection, especially if you’re a succulent fan. Blue Echeveria does well indoors and outdoors, depending on your climate zone and seasonal temperatures.

Some Of Our Fresh Cooking Favorites!

19. Basil

Fresh basil has an unmistakable aroma and is a star of many recipes. Don’t hesitate to add this versatile ingredient to your home garden. Eat and cook fresh! It tastes particularly good in Caprese salad.

20. Rosemary

Another useful plant to have in your home garden. Rosemary smells and tastes incredibly good! For some reason, our dog Mailo enjoys stroking his muzzle on a rosemary bush. I thought dogs didn’t like pleasant scents that we like!

This 20 dog-friendly plants list is far from comprehensive. If you want to stay on the safe side, check with your local animal welfare organization to make sure you have a list of local toxic and non-toxic plants.

Some dogs ignore home and garden plants altogether, which makes things easy. But, it’s always beneficial to exclude toxic selections from your collection.

DogsInHD: 20 dog-friendly plants for your home and garden

Mailo is such an ‘interior’ dog.

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