Reclaim Joy: Proven Ways To Counter Depression With A Dog

Depression makes you feel helpless. But don’t let it fool you: there are ways to help your situation improve so you can feel joy again.

Therapy and sometimes medication can ease your condition and assist your recovery. Besides, you can take steps to fight back by changing your behaviour, physical activity, lifestyle and even the way you think.

I have collected common tips on battling depression naturally and applied dog owner’s perspective to them. Depression makes us feel bad but dogs definitely make us feel better.

Tip 1: Build a routine and set simple goals.

Depression can ruin the structure of your life. It can also make you feel like you can’t accomplish anything. You need to develop a gentle schedule to stay afloat and set small daily goals to feel better about yourself. Your ticket to recovery is in following through with your dog owner’s obligations. Follow the routine of taking your dog out for a walk at specified hours and set yourself a goal of doing two walks per day. Dogs benefit from a predictable routine, so use it as a motivation.

Tip 2: Exercise and breathe fresh air.

Doing exercise temporarily boosts feel-good chemicals named endorphins and may have a positive long-term effect on people with depression. It doesn’t have to be a marathon. A nice walk in the park with your dog or, even better, an active game can benefit you tremendously. Do it few times a week for better results. Your dog will surely appreciate it as well!

Tip 3: Sleep well.

Depression is a well-known enemy of quality rest. It’s either you can’t wake up or you can’t fall asleep. Too little sleep can make things worse. Try to change your sleeping pattern by going to bed and waking up at the same time. Your morning doggy walk can be a motivation to wake up at a fixed time. Don’t do naps. Take all the distraction out of your bedroom. Instead, invite your dog and relax by petting its warm coat while listening to its calm breathing. Over time, your sleep may improve.

Tip 4: Take on responsibilities.

When you are depressed, you may want to give up on any responsibility and enter a state of limbo. But don’t do it! Staying involved in life and keeping your daily responsibilities can help you to maintain a lifestyle that can help to combat depression. They will help you take the focus off yourself and feel more accomplished. You can start by sticking to personal dog owner’s responsibilities and making sure your dog is in good shape mentally and physically.

Tip 5: Avoid negative thinking.

When you are wrestling with depression, it’s important to do the mental work. You should challenge your negative thinking using logic as a remedy. When you are depressed, you only think the worst. You may think that no one likes you or needs you, but is it true? You may think you have no value at all, but is it the reality? Negative thoughts can drive you crazy. Practice taking control of them and one day you will see that they have no power over you. And always remember that you are the center of your dog’s life no matter what!

Tip 6: Do something new and try to have fun.

To aid things more, try doing something new. Take your dog and go to a new park or plan a hike. Find a dog-friendly cafe and try their sandwiches. Teach your dog a trick or pick a new game, you choose. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but it has to be new. Trying something new influences dopamine levels, which is associated with joy, enjoyment, and learning. Trying something new with your four-pawed friend must be even better!

If you are depressed, you have to train the muscle for fun. Because depression makes things miserable. You forget the feeling of joy of doing a favorite activity. Do things you used to enjoy, even if they feel like nothing now. You have to relearn to enjoy life. In time, things will start having flavor again, and fun will feel like it should. Also, what can be more fun than playing silly games with your pooch?

Anyone suffering from a depression should remember that they are not alone. Reach out for help. Don’t hide behind a mask of well-being.

Dogs can give us a surprising feeling of comfort and ease. So, don’t overlook your dog when you’re down. Instead, find a remedy in your commitments.

Did your dog help you counter depression? What are your thoughts on natural depression treatment? Please, leave a comment below.

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