Four Paws & The Happy Childhood Alley

What can be a better than a childhood shared with a dog?

When you have a loyal friend waiting at home, petty troubles seem to disappear. More than that, even serious difficulties can be less of a disaster because you have a trusted loving being by your side. Your dog has a gift and it is making you feel great no matter what.

This is how I remember my childhood that I shared with a four-pawed companion who I considered a brother of mine. Even now as an adult I know that my dogs have an ability to make life wonderful without doing anything apart from being dogs.

Growing up with a dog has a positive influence on a child’s physical and psychological development. Children growing up with dogs can enjoy many great benefits.

Dogs provide children with constant companionship.

Life can be confusing when you are a young kid as it often tends to throw lessons at you without regard for your age. Your mood can go up and down, your friends can fail you and you can feel lonely as a result. Whenever you feel that way, turn to your pet and let him make you feel better. Cuddling and petting your dog can relieve stress and help you relax.

Dogs make children healthier.

Exposure to dog dander and random microbes that pets carry into our homes can improve babies’ developing immune system. That will make them healthier in the future as a result. My parents have tested it on me and my younger sister. We both ended up getting sick less than kids raised in sterile homes. Children growing up with dogs can also enjoy a reduced risk of allergies.

Dogs keep children more active.

This is especially important in the age of smartphones, tablets and other ‘sit-and-tap’ technology. Caring for a dog can ensure a more active lifestyle and a positive habit learned for the future. Dogs need daily walks and plenty of play time. You can also turn your dog into a jogging companion if you wish. Dogs tend to signal when it’s time for them to go out. Their often funny rituals of anticipation will make you laugh and motivate you to take that lead and go!

Dogs teach children to care and be responsible.

When you have a family dog you can ask your children to make sure that the water bowl is always full of clean water. Feeding the dog can become a great first lesson on obligation and responsibility. Children learn empathy and compassion when they care for their pets. Performing their responsibilities as a dog owner can improve children’s self-esteem.

Dogs make children happy!

It is a proven fact that dogs make children happy because they are so cute and fun to be around. The first time ever my cousin laughed was when she saw her pet pug running and rolling down a grassy hill. He looked like a furry ball! Playing and interacting with dogs is pure fun and it’s destined to make any kid’s life much happier.

All the positive things aside, do not get a dog to remove yourself as a parent from the equation. Everyone should remember that dogs are not toys or parent replacement. Kids feel the happiest when they have engaged parents and a beloved family pet around.

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Featured Image © Karyna Zaslavska.

It is a memorable photograph of my dog and me on a sunny summer day.