Dogs & Intimate Soul Therapy

Recently, we have entered 2018 and it could trigger us in many different ways. Some people are reflecting on the past year, some are penning down great plans for the future and some are dazed by the speed of time and simply don’t know where to start.

When we are flipping our calendars we can’t help but evaluate our life and, somehow, this activity leaves a bitter taste in our mouths.

If you are feeling down and confused but happen to share your life with a dog, take a moment and learn few lessons from your four-pawed friend.
Discover canine wisdom to relieve stress and elevate your spirits. And even better, do it while petting your dog’s forehead.

Lesson 1: Being in the moment.

Ability to live in the moment is a great skill and you can master it by observing dogs. Dogs do not lose sleep over time or age, they react to events but never hesitate to go back to the present moment. When you return back home they are always happy to see you, no matter how long your absence was.
Sit down next to your dog and place your hand on his or her side to feel the warmth and the texture of the coat. Start breathing calmly. Enjoy this special moment that life has given you.

Lesson 2: Selflessness.

Attention and a bit of your time is a great reward for a dog. This drives your dog to do everything possible to make you laugh and feel joyful. Or maybe it is a special look that your dog gives you that melts your heart? They seem to intuitively know when to clown around and when to lay down next to us quietly, all to make us feel better.
Dogs are such selfless pleasers that they even allow us to grab and hug and kiss them as we wish, despite the fact that these actions are a no-no in the animal world.

Lesson 3: Unity.

Dogs are pack animals and nothing is more natural for them then to be with you at all times. Be that resting on your foot while you are sitting at the table (making it go numb) or simply sharing a room with you, dogs need this experience of ‘wholeness’. Pack unity is sacred for them. It’s a lesson modern humans need to learn well.

Lesson 4: Constant joyousness.

Dogs seem to always be ready to get playful and have fun. If there’s enough space they run and jump without a second thought, fuelling you with joy and making you smile. Oftentimes, even older or sick dogs get ready to rock at a moment’s notice. Staying lighthearted can help you get through tough times without losing hope.

Lesson 5: Embracing life circumstances.

If you pay close attention, you will notice that whatever life throws at you, it doesn’t change your dog’s attitude. Your dog will be there if you live in a derelict building, and it will still be there if you move to a luxurious penthouse. They don’t judge material goods or whoever you vote for, they don’t care. Isn’t that a skill many of us would benefit from?

Dogs unintentionally carry exceptional wisdom with them by simply being dogs. It is up to us to see and pick these lessons carefully and make the best out of them.

Let your dog be your soul-therapist.

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Featured Image © Karyna Zaslavska